Hiller Highlands Four Association

This web site provides current public information for the Hiller Highlands Four Homeowner’s Association, its activities, publications, and governing documents.

Hiller Highlands Four Association (“HHIV” or “Hiller Four”) consists of 80 town-homes located in the hills of north Oakland. Hiller Four is a non-profit corporation/common interest development (CID) operating under the provisions of the State of California’s Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act.

Google Map of Location

Hiller Four is only one of seven neighborhood associations located
in the Hiller Highlands. If you are looking for a different Hiller association,
here is a guide.

Contact Information – Board of Directors

President Alan Reader HHIV.president@gmail.com 27 SH 843-0384
Vice President Max Kozlov   67 SH  
Secretary     7 CH  
Treasurer Dell Hutchinson HHIV.treasurer@gmail.com 22 SH  
Recording Secretary Karen Cavanaugh   14 CH  

Committee Chairs

Architectural Control Max Kozlov HHIV.ACC@gmail.com 67 SH  
Landscape Barbara Schindler HHIV.landscape@gmail.com 1 SH 841-7753
Parking Dick Saalfeld dsaalfeld@sbcglobal.net 5 CC 843-1088
Streets & Lighting Gordon Seligson sixchx@att.net 6 CH 845-1216
CORE Pauly Langguth pl2gs@sbcglobal.net 3 CC 549-9081
Welcome Janet Saalfeld saalfeld@sbcglobal.net 5 CC 843-1088
Webmaster David Spellmeyer HHIV.Webmaster@gmail.com 23 SH  
Address all written correspondence to:
Committee Chair or President
30 Schooner Hill,
Oakland, CA 94618-2335

Committee Chairs